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You either must be invited by Head Mod Lucrece or by ME, the frickin co-mod, or by any player in the RPG!

Its asshat and wanker freed, meaning no one is there to ruin the peace and if they do...


Check it out! IJ is free and has 100 icons!

Jan. 3rd, 2008

usagi no hime (11:15:20 PM): no peace at home
usagi no hime (11:15:24 PM): no peace in my fantasy

Everyone seems to treat me as if I am their dog to kick.


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by tokyo_roses

I had a panic attack the other day...

I really did.

As many times as grandma talks down to my mother and I sense we moved back in, I really wasn't ready to deal with anyone on that day.
Complete dread and anxiety overwhelemed me when she started fussing saying she was going to call the cops on us.(like the last time when she did so on my mother)

Even though everything worked out well the last time my grandmother did that(she lied to the cops and said my mother stolen money from her, which was not true since it was the OTHER way around) I just lost it.

I spent most of the morning just crying in my bed and just a complete nervous wreck for most of the day.

I talked to a few friends in tne morn and all(thanks guys, you know who you are)

But, damn...I really just got so tired of this old coot and her mess.

With graduation finally near, this new job and my boyfriend being so damn far away...

My moods have been up and down like a rollercoaster as of late.
I'm pretty much unstable, trying to hold it together and hope 2008 is a better yet(especially since my mother and I are trying to move away from here)

I hope everything works out well.


A lonely holiday.

Friends really do come and go, don't they?

I am so bored...lonely, rather.
I am not in the best of spirits despite my theraphy of commerical consumerisim(yeah, I am buying gothic lolita clothing like a mad woman as of late) but...

It would feel nice to speak to someone who isn't a im box on the computer screen.

Maybe I should check around in my phonebook.


The Metal Gear Doctrine- Chapter One

For those interetsed, I just posted up the first chapter of my fanfiction series
"The Metal Gear Doctrine".

This is my first take of writing a story within the Metal Gear Solid 2 universe.
Please enjoy.

The Metal Gear Doctrine
Prologue- Doctrine
Chapter One- Matthew's Father

Chapter Two will be hopefully done before the New Year.

Christmas Holiday Glitter Graphics from Dollielove.com

Christmas Glitter Graphics


I guess Phillip isn't going to hold through with his promise.

I knew it was too good to think that he would actually get me a gift for Christmas after all these years of me waisting my time trying to help him out.

Too good to be true, eh?


Phillip Pargon, you owe me a PSP and don't you forget it!

Finally, a gothic lolita dress

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been desperately seeking a good and affordable gothic lolita dress ever since I was sixteen years old.
I love the style but never got a chance to buy it.

Now I am considering it big time.


The dress here sold by Ju store on ebay has a great style to it.
It's a red plaid dress with black lace and ruffles on the skirt. It's shelveless and has a jumper look and feel too it.
The dress is $52.16 in U.S dollars and comes up to $96.19 with shipping fee and all.(Its coming from Braunschweig, Germany)

I am really considering buying this dress hopefully this week so i can wait for it over Christmas break and have it before Saturday class starts again in January.

This dress is utterly gorgeous!

Has anyone ever brought from here before?

This dressy could be my first step into finally achieving a gothic lolita look.

Men of Intelligence

Maybe I should just finish this story...
I can't believe I got a review on this old fan fiction after six years...


Yeah, my pen name there is Cleo Jane

life sucks

I don't get the reason why parents are so quick to judge their children as a complete 'failure' if the job market now is so harsh!
Life has changed since the 1950s and its not easy to get a job anymore considering how much a college grad got to kiss ass/network in order to get a job that he or she knows they are MORE than qualified for!
The job market today is like being on a reality TV show, where you have to bump off the other potenial job seekers with your connections with the Surivivor Trial Chief in order not to get booted off the show!

It's THAT hard...

For like two years of my life, I am going to be playing the role of a intern for awhile and this is before college.
I'm taking art classes while trying to finish up high school and get the gaul to fill out college applications where the tution is almost 40,000 dollars too high!
I have nothing in my bank account, almost, and I am being plagued with the stress night and day by having to live with my mother and grandmother during these hard times who just usually kick me down no matter how well I do.

Then I have a boyfriend who's parents do the exact same for him.

The world is not easy place to live on and it's only becoming harder everyday.
I am tired to be honest, dead exhausted.

I can barely find the will to even rp anymore for half the time it's drama since there is far too many conflicting personalities for everyone to get along seamlessly. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even rp and I always find the answer to that to be the same logic I use everytime to to explain my actions.

I want to run away from reality.

In my fantasy world, I am a 5'9 Archadian man with short vivd brown hair and a great and charming smile who goes by the name of 'Balthier' and is as free as a bird since he is a sky pirate who steals for a living.

In real life, nay.

Just nay.

The entire opposite of that character is what I am.
I feel as if I am getting as bad as the days I spent on LJ as chibiandor
I feel as if I am trying to escape from the truth but the realization is dawning that this is my life and it is a hard one to live.

I really think I need a drink.

Henshin a-go-go

Go-go, do good.
Is beautiful!
I'm nowhere
It's at a saturation point
Don't be fogged by the golden turkey
Trench warfare
No country for a turkey
Talking in fantasy land
Dark horse? What dark horse?
Talking turkey in fantasy land of the week.
Go high, yet go low
Be like the golden years
Summer of Sam
Seems like old times
Go-go do good.

A poem constructed out of miscellaneous Daily Post headlines.
[Edited: I added a different line at the end]